Yahoo Boys: The World's Most Dangerous Crime Gangs Now Targeting LGBTQ People Online Chizurum Anabaraonye Author
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With the launch of LGBTQ speciality and inclusive dating sites like Grindr, Lesly, Scruff, PinkCupid, Hinge, Bumble, OkCupid, Bounce, Tinder and many others that sprung up, a vast pool of options have been opened for both heterosexuals and LGBTQ people to find love online; you can now meet new people including the love of your life while lying down on your bed. And with the growing acceptance of LGBTQ people around the world, many LGBTQ individuals now feel free and comfortable to socialise and express themselves openly like everyone else. But while these dating sites and even social media have brought LGBTQ people together, who otherwise would never meet, and united hearts looking for love to start an affair or a family it has, on the other hand, brought untold tragedy and suffering to many people who were unfortunate to get trapped in the web of organised crime gangs (OCGs) operating from overseas with fake profiles. One of these crime gangs, perhaps the most dangerous and advanced in the world according to the FBI, is the Nigerian Yahoo Boys. They are scamming millions of heterosexuals out of millions of dollars annually. Today, they have found a new niche to expand their fraud, the LGBTQ communities, with an even more effective strategies and some spiritual elements or charms, which has proven to be very effective in hooking victims, even highly intelligent people have been taken. They steal the profiles of amazing-looking LGBTQ people online, young and old, to hook innocent LGBTQ people online. It takes as little as replying the message of an attractive LGBTQ person online or accepting their request! I grew up in Nigeria, before I started travelling around the world, and I spend more than half the year in Nigeria annually. I have known and interviewed many of these Yahoo Boys and investigated their activities for several years, including how they use charms to enslave their victims. We have an even more devious and deadly crook than previously reported! Most of their victims do not open up, though shame is part of the problem but many of them have been yoked into their charms which compels them to remain silent. This book exposes how these transnational organised crime gangs are adapting the old playbook which they have used to fleece, victimise and destroy the lives of millions of heterosexuals around the world to target the LGBTQ people. At this point, it is now a costly mistake to choose to ignore the warnings and the knowledge revealed in this book!


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