Kill Tobacco in 21 Days Suniti Chandra Mishra Author
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According to World Health Organization, over 8 million people die every year due to tobacco. Tobacco in its various forms (chewing or smoking) is the mother of all diseases. Countless people all over the world are inflicted with the curses of tobacco, alcohol and drug. They want to quit but it is not so easy.This eBook offers all possible motivation and practical approaches to help get rid of the addictions in 21 days. Based on the author’s own experiences with his long battle with tobacco, this eBook details in length the strategies that the author applied, why he failed several times, what challenges came on the way, what things helped and what did not. Answering all these queries in a simple but powerful language, the book truly appears to be a boon for those who are victims of tobacco and want to get rid of this bane, and also for those who are helping people in getting rid of this obnoxious habit.Furthermore, though the term ‘Tobacco’ is used in this book for the purpose of generalization, it stands for a wide range of mind-corrupting substances including alcohol, opium and various habit-forming drugs. The term ‘Tobacco’ also stands for any other ‘bad habit’ that one might be willing to get rid of. The author hopes that by applying the methods as described in this book, one can quit any of the unwanted habits and, thus, live a beautiful and fulfilled life.No matter how difficult ‘killing’ tobacco is, finally it has to be ‘killed’. Either you have to kill it or, God forbid, tobacco will kill you. Now, it is you who has to decide whether YOU want to ‘kill’ tobacco or allow tobacco to ‘kill’ you!’21 days’ is not a mathematically calculated time even though many psychologists agree that a span of three weeks is usually very effective for making or breaking a habit. Some people might be so motivated that they will be ready to ‘kill’ tobacco soon after reading few chapters of this book and following few initial steps. For others, it may take over a month or so. For yet others, this will just prove to be another book they read and threw aside because they never wanted to change. However, it is the sincere hope of the author that each one inflicted with the torments of tobacco, alcohol, drugs and other harmful substances would find this book useful and will ‘kill’ tobacco before tobacco kills them.This eBook has 28 chapters which take the reader on a ‘Kill Tobacco’ journey with the hope that by the 21st day, he or she will be fully motivated to quit tobacco, alcohol, drugs or whatever other intoxicating substance he or she is addicted to.


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