The Art of Self Publishing and Website Creation Premyogi Vajra Author
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This book is a compilation of Premyogi vajra's blog posts that he has created for Premyogi vajra is a self-aware and mysterious person. With his Kundalini awakening, there was a flood of high mentality in his brain. Impressed by that, he created many books and the above website. Regarding his experiences related to book-publishing and website-making, he made them known as his blog posts. A separate chapter has been created for each article. Readers will surely find this e-book interesting, informative and comfortable to read.Knowledge sharing is a fundamental tool to grow a society. Experience gained without subsequent sharing is of little value. It remains confined to a single man and gets perished with him. Therefore, to be able to properly and easily share one’s experiences, one must know at least basics of self publishing and website creation for these are basic modern tools of sharing knowledge. Writer had to deal with great deal of hassel while learning self publishing and website creation. He took many years to learn their basic tips. So that people do not get suffered like himself, he complied all tips he got while learning these in form of this book. Hope that people will find this book brief, practical and easy.


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