The Art Of People Skills: Little-Known But Powerful Social Skills No One Is Talking About To Improve Your Relationships Instantly John Guzman Author
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If people are tuning out when you speak, if you've lost out on business opportunities because you've rambled on or your date from last week hasn't returned any of your calls yet, I hate to say it but it's not them, it's you.  Like first impressions, we often only get a shot at one conversation to win people over. If your conversation skills aren't up to scratch, then you will find yourself left behind in life, love and most definitely work. Us humans are ultimately a social species, making good social skills an imperative for survival. This guide will transform you from the dowdy office bore to the dynamic conversationalist that everyone wants to chat with. Not only will this information make people like you but it will also teach you the arts of flattery and persuasion without being a brown-noser! According to the 2016 online study Neural responses to maternal praise and criticism carried out by Robin Aupperle PhD, a positive conversation actually releases oxytocin in the brain, which is the number one bonding chemical.This proves that just one great conversation could make you a friend for life! Not only does this guide explore what to say but it also teaches you how to act and think as well as the biggest no-no's when it comes to winning people over. In a world where conversations often go no further than social media, this is the ultimate guide to having a real conversation and being both respected and remembered. In this guide, you will discover:Our simple secret weapon that will boost your confidence and how you can use it to your benefit!How your bad conversation skills are making you unhappy and anxious and what you need to do to transform this! Why your bad body language is killing your conversations and the ultimate secret tip to avoid this! How to make people like you with one simple and easy trickThe unbelievably simple method to make you a better conversationalist with just one tiny detail How to convert total strangers into friends for life even if you find you usually lack the confidence to do so! Why you should always see things from the other person's point of view and the tremendous consequences you may face for not doing so!The two most harmful words in the English language and why you should NEVER let them enter your conversations! … and much, much more! With this quintessential guide to improving your conversation and social skills, you'll never find yourself missing out on that golden opportunity, feeling left out at lunch with friends, or struggling to make a conversation with that all-important manager at work. You can rely on the solid scientific evidence brought to light by this book, as well as advice from the experts. Don't waste any more time!  If you want to start impressing people and change your life, do it right now by simply clicking 'Add to Cart' now!   


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