101 Terrible Zombie Jokes: Plus 13 That Might Actually be Funny John Rhea Author
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You've heard of a zombie only a mother could love, well this is a joke book only a dad could love. Well him and all those with refined tastes in fatherly humor. You'll laugh, cry and definitely groan (or is it moan?) at these original, zombie-themed jokes from the braaains behind the Undead Institute. Here's a sample of the horrors you'll find between these pages: What did the zombie say after feasting at the insane asylum?Tastes like nuts. What do you call a zombie in a pool with no arms or legs?Bob. What's scarier than a zombie in a clown suit?Nothing. How would you describe both a zombie ninja and zombie flatulence?Silent but undeadly. What's the difference between a dad joke and a zombie joke?The sound: groans versus moans. A vampire, a ghost, and a zombie walk into a bar. A few minutes later, who walks out?Two zombie vampires and a very lonely ghost. What do you call a horde of bad zombie jokes?This book. How can you tell if the dealer at your weekly poker game is a zombie?If he shuffles with his feet. If you don't love this joke book, there's probably something very, very right with you.


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