Hacking With Linux 2020:A Complete Beginners Guide to the World of Hacking Using Linux - Explore the Methods and Tools of Ethical Hacking with Linux J
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You too Can be a White Hat Hacking Genius If you're getting started along the exciting path of hacking, cybersecurity, and pentesting, Linux Basics for Hackers is an excellent first step. Using Kali Linux, an advanced penetration testing distribution of Linux, you'll learn the basics of using the Linux operating system and acquire the tools and techniques you'll need to take control of a Linux environment. This practical, tutorial-style book uses the Kali Linux distribution to teach Linux basics with a focus on how hackers would use them. Topics include Linux command line basics, filesystems, networking, BASH basics, package management, logging, and the Linux kernel and drivers. Hacking With Linux takes you from your very first baby steps in installing Kali all the way to learning the basics of working your way into a network and taking control of a Linux environment. Along the way you'll learn the basics of bash scripting, directory setup and all the handy tips and tricks passed down over the years by your fellow ethical hackers! You can also learn: - Cover your tracks by changing your network information and manipulating the rsyslog logging utility- Write a tool to scan for network connections, and connect and listen to wireless networks- Keep your internet activity stealthy using Tor, proxy servers, VPNs, and encrypted email- Write a bash script to scan open ports for potential targets- Use and abuse services like MySQL, Apache web server, and OpenSSH- Build your own hacking tools, s Stop trying to recreate the wheel and start from the beginning. This practical guide will help you make sense of the exciting world of ethical hacking and cyber security. 


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