The Plant Based Diet for Athletes; Over 50 High-Protein Recipes for A Strong Body and A Healthy Life [A Cookbook] Jennifer Adams RDN Author
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Are you a sport beginner or expert, and are you looking for a guide to nutrition, weight loss, and perfecting your body? If yes, then keep reading!The plant-based diet for athletes' cookbook is made just for you! It will take you on a journey towards a better and healthier life!When you start any diet, you usually have an end goal in mind, which serves as motivation. Unlike with most diets, a whole foods plant-based diet is not something you commit to with the mind-set that you will only stick to it until that goal is met. It is more of a lifestyle change that will benefit you for years. Having an end goal of losing weight can help you get started, but you need to dive deeper into what will keep you motivated and committed to this lifestyle.   Finding a deeper 'why' in terms of what precisely you want to get from this diet will help remind you that you aren't just eating healthy to fit into your skinny jeans but are doing it to have more energy, fewer medical issues, and a better quality of life. Before you begin your journey with a whole food plant-based diet, you need to clearly state why you are doing it and then commit to sticking with your 'why' for the long term.   Making a lifestyle change is often challenging. Hence, making all these changes all at once can become overwhelming or seem impossible. Instead of trying to dive right into this diet, give yourself time to adjust to the different foods. Ready to get started? Click Buy Now! 


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