Finish Your Book in Two Days or Less: How to Write a Nonfiction Book Fast Britt Malka Author
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Writing a book fast? That means sloppy.Sadly, there's a myth that says that if something should be good, it must take time.While this is true for some things—like, you must keep a piece of coal under pressure for thousands of years to make a diamond—then it's not true for writing.Writing slowly doesn't mean writing better. In fact, it's often the contrary, and I prove that inside this book. You will see for yourself if you do the little test in the first chapter.What about the readers? Shouldn't we keep them in mind?Absolutely. And the best way to do that is to give them books that satisfy them.What do readers want?Can you imagine Mrs. Emmy Olson? She wakes up one beautiful sunny morning, smells the coffee that's brewing, opens her laptop, and finds her favorite online bookstore.And there she searches for a book that solves a problem plus hundreds of pages about stuff she doesn't care about?No? Neither can I.Most people look for books that can either entertain them, solve a problem for them, or motivate them.They want a book about that specific topic, and just that.That's why short books are so popular.It's also why authors should write a series of books to cover more related topics that their readers would be interested in.That all becomes a lot more real when you learn how to write good books fast.In Write Your Book in Two Days or Less you'll learn how to do that.And at the end of the book, you'll find my case study. It shows how I came up with an idea for a topic and wrote the book in less than three hours and ten minutes.Are you dreaming of writing more books without spending months or years on each of them?Then check out the first few pages of this book. Read the table of contents.Buy this book, and soon you can publish your own nonfiction book.


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