Fantasy Man Sarah Michelle Lynch Author
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Laura is a bestselling crime novelist, but she hasn't written anything new in years and her frustrations are making her rethink everything—including her marriage.She isn't getting what she wants from her husband Tom, so she decides to create her very own fantasy man—a perfect sexual partner, but also someone she can confide in.Perhaps switching genre may help her combat writer's block, but during the writing process, it becomes difficult to separate fact from fiction and the secrets plaguing her marriage threaten to bring her whole life crashing down around her.On the page her fantasies run wild, but how can she apply them to real life? Or in real life, do her fantasies make her a bad person for wanting MORE?In this plot-driven, challenging romance, Laura finds herself questioning whether the problem lies with her.Is she asking too much?The truth is, nothing is what it seems in this story.Nothing. ***Originally published under the title 'Writing on the Wild Side'***


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