Thomas and Abraham Skidmore migrate to Lamar County Texas from Morgan County Alabama in the 1830's Scott Skidmore Author
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About 10 years ago I began to create my family tree on ancestry, I started with information from my grandfather Samuel Skidmore that he had gathered over the years. Photos, records, letters, post cards and the countless hours he put into contacting various people and government offices in trying to put together the Skidmore family history. My aunt Ophelia Payne added at CD that she had purchased, The CD has a vast amount of information that had been gathered by Warren and Wm.F Skidmore. I worked on my tree and kept updating and began to look at geneaology conferences to attend. One of the people from a conference suggested that if we want to share our family history then to write a book. The focus was you don't have to be an experienced author but just tell the stories of your family as best you can. So the book began. I began with information about the Skidmore name that I got from the CD my aunt had purchased. I then went to my family tree in ancestry and looked at the ties from America to England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland that were present at the writing of this book. These ties will be developed as a way of tying my ancestry and various family lines together during the writing of the book. I then started with Henry Skidmore that came to America and settled in Delaware. From Henry we follow the growth of the family and its migration south through Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee and Alabama. Now we follow Thomas and Abraham Skidmore as the migrate from Alabama to Lamar County Texas. This is the nucleus of my story. From this point there are lost of stories, documents, photographs, maps, letters, postcards that add details to each family. The involvement in the civil war is very detailed. My grandfather Sam and father Ed involvment in WWI and II is also developed with lots of postcards. I bring my family all the way up to me and I also chase back those family lines that are part of my history.


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