I Want More, Honouring God's Servant Gives Me More THELMA PORTER Author
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 Are you up to your neck in debt to the point of something detrimental happening if you don't settle?Have there been efforts to wear down your credibility and integrity by persons with malicious intent; although you are innocent?Do you sometimes wish you could travel overseas but the funds are just not forthcoming; and there's no one to assist?Have you plateaued in your spiritual life and want to move to the next level but feel stuck?       Do you have a yearning desire for more? More in terms of wealth, better health, better job, success on the job, debt reduction, debt             cancellation, better relationship with your children, better relationship with your spouse, successful children? Do you want more in terms of            wisdom, knowledge and understanding; the fruit of the Spirit, clarity, direction from God, major breakthroughs? The answer lies in your Honour:       honour to God; and to His servants, especially His Chief Servant. This book is about how honouring God's Chief Servant can enhance your life        in such a way that you live a life of success and never lack. It's a Kingdom principle.        In I Want More, my intention is to help you to realize how one phenomenon, like honouring God's Servant, can enhance not just yours but the       lives of your family members and the people with whom you are associated. You wanting more can be the catalyst for a major life changing       experience. Ask yourself two questions; Am I where I want to be in life? Do I want more? If you answered No and Yes respectively, you are       on the right track. There is always more. You were wired that way! Jesus himself said you will be able to do greater things than he did       (John 14:12)       I Want More will encourage you. It will assist you. It will enhance your life. It will set you up for major breakthroughs and it will prepare you to        become your life changer.    


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