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150+ AWS Interview Questions & Answers Cloud computing is the on-demand availability of computer system resources, especially data storage and computing power, without direct active management by the user. Amazon Web Services is one of the leader in cloud computing. Approx 33.8% of companies are using AWS cloud which opens up this space for lot of cloud engineers. If you are preparing for AWS Certification or an interview or want to gain knowledge around AWS, this book is for you.This workbook contains extensive set of AWS Interview questions and answers that can help clear your understanding on the topic and also help in responding to questions posed by an interviewer. With the difficulty level of questions ranging from low to high, we intend to cater to the requirements of masses. This guide will benefit:A beginner who has never faced any AWS specific or Cloud Engineer interviewAnyone who wants a brief on Amazon Web ServicesAnyone who is looking to clear AWS certificationProfessional who want answers with examples and explanationOne who don't know what They really want to hear….How should you read this book? You have to first do a slow reading of all the questions in this book. Once you go through them in the first pass, mark the questions that you could not answer by yourself. Then, in second pass go through only the difficult questions. After going through this book 2-3 times, you will be well prepared to face a technical interview for AWS Certification or Interview or Cloud Computing Engineer Interview. What are the sample questions in this book? 1) List backup types supported by Amazon RDS?2) Explain what is DynamoDB Mapper Class?3) List types of secondary indexes supported by Amazons DynamoDB?4) How to create local secondary indexes?5) What is upkeep window in Amazon RDS? Will your DB occasion be accessible throughout upkeep occasions?6) How does Amazon Route 53 present excessive availability and low latency?7) What are the managed insurance policies in AWS IAM?8) How do you secure Amazon EC2 instances running within My VPC?9) How will you differentiate between VPC security groups and VPC network ACLs?10) What problems have you faced while working with Amazon Redshift?


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