A Novice Guide to Arduino Programming Ezekiel Ochami Author
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This book is a quick, easy and elaborate step by step guide to programming Arduino Uno. Arduino Uno is a famous microcontroller board with everything on board to get you started with microcontrollers. Be it just working with the onboard LED to start you off, or hooking sensors and actuators to Arduino, this book will be your companion guide.Chapter 1 of this book introduces you to the Arduino Uno board, its parts, and the function of each part. In chapters 2 and 3, you will learn how to set up Arduino, install the software and drivers, and prepare the environment ready for programming the board. Then in chapter 4, you will be introduced to some electrical and electronic components commonly used when learning how to program Arduino.  You will learn how to identify a component and use it correctly in a circuit.In chapter 6, you will work on ten projects, each with a colored breadboard circuit and simplified code. You will begin by learning how to set up a simple blinking led project. You will then improve on this project to run multiple LEDs with custom blink patterns. As the chapter progresses, you will learn how to get inputs from sensors like tactile switches, and photoresistors, and controlling outputs when an input meets a certain condition. Finally, you will set up your own fully working motion-activated security system.


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