A True Taste of Wales Cookbook: Royal Welsh Recipes to Celebrate HRH Prince Charles' Birthday Martha Stephenson Author
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On the 14th November 2017 the heir to the throne of England, HRH Prince Charles will celebrate his 69th birthday. This event is a major landmark in history for the world. Many believe it may very well be the last year he will celebrate not only as the Prince of Wales as he will take his place as King on his 70th birthday.Historically, Charles is the longest serving Prince of Wales and has long been a champion of local welsh arts, crafts, and is a staunch supporter of Welsh home farms producing local, organic food.Not just another cookbook, A True Taste of Wales is a celebration of Welsh cuisine at its very best.You will discover how to make traditional dishes such as fruit laden Bara Brith and meaty Cawl. Learn how to prepare mutton, one of the Prince’s favorite meats with our delicious Pot Roasted Leg of Mutton with Honey and Prunes. And enjoy making the future King’s favorite fish with a healthy Baked Wild Salmon and Fennel in Parchment.You can even treat your family to Prince William’s favorite; Lamb Burger by Royal Appointment.Unlike a lot of other cookbooks, every one of our recipes can be adapted using ingredients that you can easily source from your local food store or delicatessen.So, what are you waiting for?Next time you are putting on your own Royal Feast, impress your friends and family, with Food Fit for a Prince!


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