Divergent Short Stories N. Roe Author
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“Painting the Past” is the story of young reckless twins. Their parents give them one last heist to do. These twins don't get along. They have to hustle their parents, get away with the heist, not kill each other, and not get killed at the same time.“Unexpected Guest” follows a young girl through a hard time in her life. After coming back from a horrible business trip, she has to deal with the ex-longtime boyfriend. Before she can even tackle that. Why is her front door open?“Falling Out of Place” follows two young elves in love stuck in the injustice hierarchy. One a loyal guard and the other a newly crowned Crown Princess. Their relationship gets put to the test. Let’s hope it doesn't crack under pressure.“Everlasting” is about a young man, who is asked to come to the police station to give the detectives some guidance because the answers they have don't add up. When he can't answer their questions, they dig into his past. Which isn't good for anyone, not even him.


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