Think Like Elon Musk: Part 1 Denys Nazarenko Author
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What do Steve Jobs and the Wright brothers have in common? How did they manage to change the course of history? Obviously their thinking was different from ours. It’s the kind of thinking that makes it possible to do things no one else believes in, to achieve your goals, to make it. But it’s not just about perseverance. People like Albert Einstein or Nikola Tesla had a different worldview than we do.This book is dedicated to outstanding scientists and inventors, brilliant engineers and developers, and all those people who make a change and give a sense of hope to humanity. We will try to find out what their way of thinking is and what makes them so efficient in problem-solving. Our contemporary Elon Musk is an example of such a sharp person. His actions are the best illustrations of the ideas in this book. Unlike us, he has managed to figure it out on a subconscious level, how it works, how to become superefficient. This book will tell you how to touch upon this wonder and start doing the same.The first part of the book is an invitation to look at some basic principles that are absolutely essential to creating something new. If you apply these principles, you will manage to succeed at whatever your goal is —whether you want to be a famous science communicator like Neil deGrasse Tyson, travel the world, or become an inventor.By the end of the book we will also address education: what we should learn and how we should learn it to spend our time productively. You will get to know what it is that makes Carl Sagan so special and how he became a star of educational programs.And all of this is just the first half of an informative book that is being created.


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