Fetish Addiction Candice Christian Author
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A major Louisville KY. health center is populated with a sub-culture catering to lesbian anal activity. The group is composed of patients, nurses, supervisors, and crosses all demographics. The hospital is about to get a brand new Chief of Staff, Kalinda, and everyone is sure there will be fireworks when she gets there, especially from the Hospital Administrator, Marissa.The most disturbing situation is that two of the Head Nurses are huge proponents of the debauchery. Myfanwy, and the beautiful black nurse, Naomi. They are perfect for each other as one is a 'sub' and the other is a 'domme'. The two are setting an example for the perversion to flourish.Most of the hookups begin from the confines of the Nurses Lounge, nicknamed the Bozo club because of its crazy reputation. The reputation is well deserved as recently it has been the scene of a nurse and patient orgy, and a knock down drag out catfight.Kalinda 's plan, once she has the reins of the hospital is to take advantage of available debauchery and satisfy her own addiction. Something that Marissa is totally against and challenges Kalinda's authority. The two dominant women are on a collision course.Fireworks explode shortly after Kalinda's arrival and the altercation between the Chief of Staff and the Chief Administrator spills over into the erotically charged Nurses Lounge.


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