Defeating Covid-19 Efe Uwuseba Author
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This book is about giving you the common sense, non-pharmaceutical tools needed to defeat COVID-19, the disease that has spread to almost every nation. While people are being infected with the coronavirus everywhere, you can be an exception. An understanding of the disease and practicing basic hygiene mixed with faith will keep you safe from the coronavirus pandemic. It is said, common sense is not common. The tools outlined in this book are so simple, yet so powerful. This is a well-researched book that touches every part of the disease; the scientific, the social and the spiritual. It shows you among other things, the general guidelines for differentiating the common flu from COVID-19. It also gives the percentage risk of dying for different age groups when COVID-19 is contracted. Also explained is how boosting your immunity helps you overcome the disease. The icing of the cake is the section on how to use faith to extinguish the fear of the disease and spiritually immune yourself from it.Chapter one is about Understanding the Coronavirus disease. Chapter two is about Protecting yourself from COVID-19. Chapter three states the facts within a certain time frame about the rapid spread of the disease among the nations. Chapter four gives a summary of the history of past epidemics and pandemics in human history and lessons to be learned. Chapter five is a general summary of the response of the nations to the spread of COVID-19. Chapter Six is titled the Fear Factor. Chapter Seven is titled the Faith Factor. Chapter Eight is about how COVID-19 has exposed the frailty of human life and institutions.


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