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A lot of people are worried about the recent Coronavirus Covid-19. At the time of writing this Coronavirus has been spreading rapidly across the world, affecting more than 160 countries and claiming more than 16,000 lives.We're worried because we feel powerless...or are we?Actually we can fight this virus by boasting our own immune system ourselves.A strong and healthy immune system can really put us on the front foot in aiding our body’s defenses and give us a real fighting chance to drastically reduce the effects of the virus.This informative book ‘How To Fight Coronavirus At Home’ contains a specific list of amazing superfoods to turbo-charge your Immune System, easy-to-make Super-Smoothies packed full of key nutrients, methods on how to reduce stress and a guide to exercise. This book contains:1)Introduction to your Immune System2)What is a Coronavirus?3)What is Covid-19?4)How to avoid Coronavirus5)How to Fight the Coronavirus at home6)Raw Foods for the Immune System7)Quick Super Foods to Boost the Immune System8)Turbo Charged Super Foods9)10 x Ultimate Immune-Boosting Smoothies10)Exercise11)Stress vs Immunity12)ConclusionGet This Essential Guide on ‘How to Fight The Coronavirus At Home’


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