God, Who Should I Marry: Understanding What God Says About Choosing A Life Partner (Christian Singles In Dating Series) AM Michael Author
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At one point in your single life, you will need to ask yourself the question of who should I marry? It's pretty ok not to know the answer to that, but one thing is sure, you know who knows everything and who created everything. Will God show you who to marry? If He does, how can you know who He wants you to marry? If you Google these questions, you surely are swamped with a lot of answers that didn't give you the answer you want. In God, Who Should I Marry: Understanding What God Says About Choosing A Life Partner, you will find answers to silent questions you might be longing to have answers for all this while.Does God Choose For Us?Can God Choose For You?What is God's Idea Masterplan For Choosing Who To Date or MarryAnd ultimately, you will get to know five ways God can lead you to know who to marry or who not to marry. You might be surprised at how you have ignored or overlooked any of these ways in the past. But you might be wondering why you should care about reading this book?This book was written by a man who has made a lot of bad relationship choices in the past, went through a lot of breakups and almost lost everything and his life after his last breakup before inviting God into his life and his relationship affairs to know and understand why things have never worked in the past. With the leading of God's words and personal experience, he wrote this book to help Christian Singles navigate the rather murky waters of dating and relationship according to God's plan and purpose for marriage to enjoy a successful and blissful relationship life that leads to a blissful marital life.And if you are thinking, you need to spend hours reading this book to get a grasp of its content. The book is short and contains a lot of Biblical and Godly nuggets that will help you make better dating decisions that are in line with God's purpose for your life. You can get through it in the time it will take you to get done with your cup of latte. If you are a Christain and you are single right now, waiting and hoping for who to marry, this book will be a real blessing to you and an investment that worth it for you. Hit the Buy Now button at your right if you are reading this from your desktop or below if you are reading this from your mobile phone to buy a copy of God, Who Should I Marry.


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