Sales Funnel Management for Small Business Owners in 2019 Strategies on How to Setup a Highly Automated Funnel for Your Business (That Actually Makes
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Do you want to develop a more worry-free and predictable sales process?Do you want to systemize your Sales Funnel and remove the need for luck?Maybe you want to use Social Media to drive consistent sales, but you have no clue where to start?Then keep reading …As a small business owner, you're forced to juggle a lot of balls. You feel the days are too short.You see other Small Businesses increasing their profits using Social Media. But when it comes to your own sales funnels, you're stuck.And you might not have the budget to hire an agency to do it for you.Fortunately, by implementing a few fundamental ideas, you can set up profitable sales funnels in days rather than weeks.Here is a tiny fraction of what you´ll discover in ´Sales Funnel Management for Small Business Owners in 2019´:The ´spy-in-disguise´ questions, you can use to look inside your customers mind and learn about their real issues, so you can understand and serve them better (page 14)The biggest problem, a.k.a. ´The Sales Funnel exterminator´, with Sales Funnels for small businesses and how to fix this, knowing this will prevent the loss of a lot of potential clients (page 27)Most common, easy to solve, reasons why small businesses lose customers. Fixing these can boost your revenue quickly (page 33)Use this psychological pricing strategy to maximize the revenue per customer, implementing this can change your business forever (page 36)The most ignored, but the most important stage in your customer´s buying journey. Realizing this will lead to both more new and more returning customers. (page 45)The ´360 X-Ray Laser Guide´ to generate a complete picture of your Customer´s Journey, including pain points and roadblocks. This helps both offline as online (page 51)´The 3-level-pamper-your-prospect-formula´, to increase the percentage of prospects which turn into paying customers dramatically (page 62)7 insights to naturally connect with your prospects, this will make your prospects ignore the competition and reduce the time you have to spend with each prospect (page 72)And much, much more…No sales, marketing or technical background/experience? Don´t worry, no need to go back to school. The step-by-step guides you´ll find are written in plain English and will lead you through the process while telling you exactly what to do.You might think: ´Hey, but I don´t have 1000s to spend on Marketing each month! We´ve got you covered. The added value from this book is that both online and offline strategies are described in each step of the process. Just implementing the offline tips and tricks can lead to great improvements without spending a dime on ads. The online tips and tricks are optimized to fit in your busy schedule and will fit every Small Business budget, no matter the size.So, if you´re ready to systemize your Sales Funnel while removing ´luck´ from the equation, scroll up and click ´Add to cart´ to increase your income.


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