Balkan Folktales Tatjana Nikolovska Author
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This edition, the first volume in the series Balkan Folktales includes 12 amazing folktales. Reality and fantasy are intertwined in the tales, yet anything imagined becomes real when it is being told, i.e. because it has been told.In this literary work, the author also imbues every passage with benevolent humor, which finds its way to all readers. Tales also explore the social relations and injustice - tales are always on the side of the poor, the deprived, the subjugated, tales criticizes the corrupt priests, officials and judges expose human stupidity, vanity, greed, and stinginess, exalts the moral values of honesty, chastity, faithfulness, and quite calmly expounds the fatality of human destiny, in which righteousness always prevails.Perhaps most importantly, even amidst all the hardship and suffering of his people and of his own, the author firmly believed in ultimate justice. As the people in this region saying goes - 'Justice and truth may thin themselves out, but they are never torn'.In this sense may this edition of only a small section of Balkan's stories, but we are certain that the author's humanism will conquer the hearts of his English readers.


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