He Will Live Up in the Sky Christopher Loring Knowles Author
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An up-and-coming rock star disappears from the stage in a flash of blinding white light, just in time to dodge a madman's bullet. Investigators soon discover the singer believed he was an alien abductee and was being closely monitored for signs of latent psychic abilities by various government agencies.The search ultimately leads to a cascading series of shocking revelations about human experimentation, high-tech surveillance and occult practices, proving just how deep the rabbit hole really goes.Five years in the making, He Will Live Up in the Sky is the first novel by Eagle Award-winning author Christopher Loring Knowles (Our Gods Wear Spandex).A galloping thrill-ride, He Will Live Up in the Sky is filled with memorable characters, gallows humor, sexual tension and searing drama, not to mention a rocket-fueled series of twists and turns from start to finish.The culmination of years of research and experience, He Will Live Up in the Sky is a work of nonfiction fiction. It guides the reader on a breathless primer through the very real spiderweb of intelligence agencies, organized crime, high technology and secret sects weaving in and out of nearly every aspect of our lives today.Christopher Knowles' debut novel can easily be called a page-turner More than an engaging thriller, the book is an original and penetrating narrative about renegade intelligence organizations, the sadistic music industry, and the incubators of today's rampant conspiracy culture.Miguel Conner, author of Voices of Gnosticism & the Dark Instinct seriesIn his gripping debut novel, Knowles offers readers an intensely readable and detailed story of a troubled and haunted Grunge-era rock singer whose puzzling disappearance takes the reader along the ancient and sinister backroads of Knowles' native New England and into the black heart of a diabolical conspiracy… I could not put it down!Andrew W. Griffin, author of Rock Catapault & Dust Devil DreamsTrue aficionados of unexplained phenomena - with all their frustrations, dead ends, bizarre synchronicities and synchromystic hints - may well find He Will Live Up in the Sky the masterwork they have been searching for.Joshua Cutchin, author of Thieves in the Night & A Trojan FeastA fast-paced, intriguing paranormal thriller, which slowly reveals its juicy bits at the right time like a classy burlesque act.Miguel Romero AKA Red Pill Junkie, The Daily Grail


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