Manscaping (The Playbook Series, #2) Emma Lea Author
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Manscaping- the fashion and style column on The Playbook online men's magazine…and Mia's new job.  Well…internship.  It was only for six weeks, just so she could get the credits she needed to graduate from university, but they were paying her, so…yeah, her new job.The only problem?She would be working directly under Liam.  Not that she had a problem being under Liam.  She'd been there once before and it had been the best night of her life, but yeah, that was exactly the problem.  She'd been under Liam before and now he was going to be her boss.He probably didn't even remember her.  He'd never called or tried to contact her after a night she would never forget so maybe it hadn't been so unforgettable for him…but now she would be working directly under him.Yeah.  That was going to be a problem.


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