A Dame to Die For (Hank Mossberg, Private Ogre, #5) Jamie Sedgwick Author
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Siva's prophecy came true, and it was Hank's worst nightmare. Hank watched his beloved city overrun by gangs, serial killers, and pixie dust dealers. He saw the fae humanized and turned into brainwashed zombies. Finally, he was set up -framed as a murderer and a terrorist- and betrayed by the woman he loved. Now he's back, and somebody's going to pay.Hank's return to the undercity begins with a rude awakening. In the wake of the massive terrorist attack, the Undercity Police Department has collapsed. The fae are being terrorized by a self-appointed dictator who calls himself The Governor, and his army of jackbooted thugs known as Peacekeepers. Hank has a lot of work to do if he's going to straighten things out, but in the meanwhile, there's something else he has to do.First, he's got to solve a few murders, one of which is particularly personal. Then, he's going to find Siva and make her pay for what she's done…


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