The Three Keys to Armageddon (The Storm Lord Trilogy Series, #3) Sidney St. James Author
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A simple thing must occur in a paranormal romance... love must begin between a human and a supernatural being... in our story, a shapeshifter!Using the rich background of the spiritual world of Archangels Michael and his Sword of Angels and Gabriel with his trumpet of victory as the background, Sidney St. James' Storm Lord Trilogy Series pursues the return of Satan himself with a paranormal world of evil versus good filled with fascinating characters.  The ever-moving series' sharp dialogue, highly original plotlines, and a stylistic flair are as rhythmic and vibrant as his earlier works.Through James' fertile imagination, these three novels in the series are provocative, confrontational, and contain highly ingenious twists and turn into the unexpected, but always with a healthy dose of humor, not to mention romance.His imagination is unbound – leaving reality, touching the sky, and returning – often with such descriptive style, it will leave the reader on the edge of their seat.In this final chapter, Nikki Connors must find The Three Keys to the Armageddon, or all Hell will break loose… literally. Every expertly written quest pits our heroine against evil out to destroy the goodness in the world. Angie, along with her mother Angelica Thompson, is propelled into challenges in which they could die at every turn. Action on their part is required every step of the way to keep the world good, balanced, and in peace!During each quest, Nikki undertakes, she finds the mountains lie friendly in the day, like the pillows of the land, but darkly ominous by night. The paths that were illuminated just hours before become lost in a total blackness that even moonlight can't help. The trees that are magnificent in the sunshine tower over Angie as she steps across the borderline between good and evil. Choosing to pick up the Sword of the Angels left by Archangel Michael in the finale is no longer a difficult decision for the young heroine.The question now to ask is if she will survive against Lucifer and his thousand dark armies. She pushes herself to keep moving, her hair on end as she nears the adjacent Pacific Ocean, which is under Lucifer's control. The air becomes much cooler, and soon, she began to shiver. Nikki listens for signs around her, but there are none. Back in her home, such silence would be welcomed… peace and quiet, but out here with Lucifer standing in front of her and Archangel Gabriel on the roof of her home behind her, it's more like the quietness of the graveyard!Black clouds sprawled across the sky, billowing in from the west, off the Pacific. Their brassy glare drained the color from the battle scene. It left the surroundings tinted bronze in the faltering light. The air grew heavy, and the humidity pressed down, suffocating. The silence is broken by a low crackle of thunder. The tapping of small raindrops began to echo all around Nikki and her mother. For one single moment, everything stops. Even the wind holds its breath. A streak of hot silver splits the sky, and ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE… literally speaking!THE FINAL CHAPTER IN THE STORM LORD TRILOGY.


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