Legacy of the Phoenix Richard L. Sanders Author
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More than thirty years ago, the galaxy nearly ended at the hands of the Dread Fleet and isotome weapons. But thanks to the efforts and sacrifices of a few brave souls, disaster was averted, allowing human, Rotham, and Polarian kind to enjoy three more decades of relative stability. The years proved especially kind to the reunified human empire, guided by the supreme leadership of Queen Kalila Akira. By most accounts, these are golden times—but only on the surface . . .Even now, on the eve of coronation—as an empire celebrates a beloved prince and weeps for a dying queen—there are increasing whispers of dissent spreading throughout the empire. Meanwhile the whole galaxy is plagued by disturbing phenomena that defy explanation, sightings of alteredspace “ghosts”, phantomlike signals without any source, and disappearances of entire crews without a trace from their starships—including the lead investigator, Calvin Cross, and his team of intelligence specialists.Although the era of unstoppable fleets and world-ending weapons is over, rumors say that those in-the-know are more terrified than ever before. And that something much worse than death is at work in the shadows.Tera Novak isn’t sure which of the rumors to believe, if any. All she knows is that she will keep her promise to the queen, and to herself. No matter what the sinister truth proves to be, she will find the missing commodore, the missing crews, and—most importantly—her missing brother. And nothing will stand in her way!Not even THE UNSWORN SIX . . .


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