The Manchurian Candidate, Part 4, The Impeachment of President Donald J. Trump Paul Covell Author
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The Saga of the Manchurian Candidate, in four parts, describes the ascent to power of President Donald J. Trump and the corruption of America's norms and institutions. As collateral damage, the Republican Party, formerly a bastion of conservative principles, has adopted the Moscow Party Line in a last ditch effort to salvage the Gemini Presidents, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, whose trajectories are inextricably intertwined. Trump is betting everything on his audacious plan to re-write history with the help of his compromised Attorney General, William Pelham Barr. What the Nation thought it saw and heard in 2016 did not happen. Russia did not interfere with the election in support of Trump. It was little Ukraine that interfered in support of Hillary Clinton according to Russian Disinformation.Attorney General Bar and his hand-picked investigator, John Durham, U. S. Attorney for Connecticut, made trips to London, Paris, Rome, and Canberra, to interview government officials of these allies as part of the third investigation into the Origins of the FBI Russia Investigation. Trump is displaying symptoms of what can only be explained as Multiple Personality Disorder. Trump's ego presents as the innocent victim of the evil Trump, who asked Russia to help him win the 2016 election. His ego claims the Russia Investigation is an attempted coup by the Deep State to take down the innocent Trump, who vanquished the evil Hillary and the illegitimate Kenyan, Barack Hussein Obama. Trump has no shame, and can, therefore, never apologize or admit making a mistake.Trump is a Russian Asset, and holds Vladimir Putin in high regard. The U. S. President pursues the Kremlin Don as a swain would chase after a voluptuous seductress. Trump uses official meetings to woo his quest with favorable comments. At unofficial happenstance encounters, he wants to be alone with his idol without any note takers. At Helsinki in July 2018, Trump rejected the findings of DNI Dan Coates, and bleated, “I do not know why it would be Russia that interfered”. It is never clear who is hunter and who is game. It seems that the Russians may have something on Trump other than connivance in 2016. With a former Czech wife, and with his fixation on building a Trump Tower Moscow, there have been multiple trips to Russia to allow a wide variety of compromise.Richard Nixon had the decency to resign when caught in 1974 without subjecting the Nation to the disruption of an Impeachment. Trump will force the entire Republican Party to go over the cliff with him as the Authoritarian Leader forces rank and file to hold their noses and declare him innocent. There was no bribery, no extortion, and no quid pro quo. Life long corruption fighter Donald J. Trump sent his personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, to organize the Investigation into the 2016 election and the separate Investigation into alleged corruption of the Bidens. Acting like clumsy Key Stone Kops, Trump and Giuliani decided that it would look better to “dirty up” Ambassador Yovanovich before removing her.Giuliani admitted in the New Yorker (published 12/23/19) and to Fox News that he had to get Ambassador Yovanovitch out of the way because she was blocking the investigations that Trump needed [to “dirty up” Joe Biden and absolve Russia of 2016 election interference]. She blocked the visa application for disgraced Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin, who volunteered to bring “dirt” on the Bidens to America. Trump could have acted the gentleman Commander in Chief, and brought Yovanovitch home without assigning fault. Trump and Giuliani each knew they were involved in corrupt activities in Ukraine. Each acted the criminal, and sought to cover their crimes by projecting their wrongdoing onto the Ambassador.


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