The Nature of Creativity Irene S. Roth Author
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It is possible to use technology to your advantage and not let it skew your mind and creative processes. You just have to become more mindful of using your technological devices and make sure that when you write, you do nothing but write. Besides, when you do research on the internet, have a time limit so that you can do your best research, thinking and writing too.We live in some of the best times because we have a lot of information at our disposal at the click of a button. Yet, we do not want to become overwhelmed by it, because otherwise we will get lost in the chasm of information. Therefore, we must take time not to become too overwhelmed otherwise we will not be doing our best creating and writing. So much of writing is striking this balance. We are beyond typewriters, white-out and other time wasting aspects of writing. For now, we have new distractions: the internet and technology. We must ensure that it helps us but not undermine our creative ventures.I hope that I have given you some tips and tricks in this e-book that you can use to become your best. Moreover, I hope that by using technology mindfully, you can do your best research and become a better and broader writer; one who is versatile and very much in control of the types of information that you receive.May you always be an inspired and productive writer; one who does his/her best work! I will show you how to productivity and self-confidence in this e-book.


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