Dire Circumstances: The Great Depression James Dwight Patterson Author
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Dire Circumstances - The Great Depression is the story of a small town Oklahoma family as they struggle with the financial devastation of the 1930's. It is a story of failure, determination, and survival. It is a tale of loss, emotional anxiety, and family disruption. Their story is emblematic of what transpired throughout the country, especially in Oklahoma.The Great Depression was the worst economic crisis in the history of the United States. By 1933, the unemployment rate increased from 3% to over 25%. One out of four jobs were gone. Workers incomes decreased by over 40%. Almost half of all home loans were delinquent by 1934. In 1932 alone, 273,000 families were evicted from their homes. Over 1 million families lost their farms. In Oklahoma, the depression was compounded by an extended drought that created the term Dust Bowl. Banks closed at an alarming rate causing people to lose their savings. Loans were almost impossible to obtain. In 1933 alone, more than 4,000 banks failed. The personal devastation caused by the Great Depression was immeasurable, and impacted almost everyone in dire and significant ways, especially in Oklahoma.The Pearson family in this novel is fictional, but also typical of Oklahoma families. Their thoughts, dreams, reactions, and struggles are representative of the period. In telling their story, the author has used actual events as reported by newspapers and magazines, radio, and other historical sources as catalysts for their reactions. The history is factual. The characters are the creation of the author.Dire Circumstances - The Great Depression is the first of three books that follow the Pearsons. Following soon will be Dire Circumstances -The War, and Dire Circumstances - The Aftermath. The stories cover the 1930's and 1940's. For the vast majority of Americans, those 20 years are the most impactful in the recent history of the United States.


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