The Epic Adventures of Stick the Dragon: Volume One Cary Ragsdale Author
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Stick is a young dragon living in the mysterious and legendary Valley of the Dragons. His is an adventurous spirit, and he spends his days going on epic adventures from Glacier Pass to the Dismal Swamp, from The Trembles down to SkyFire, the eternally erupting volcano across the Great Ice River from the City of the Dead, and from the Crystal Caves up to the Old Ruins. Along the way, across all three volumes in the series, he will encounter many difficult creatures, including large, fearsome snakes, forest giants, the reclusive dragon Kyrr Mujjn and characters who will become his friends, including Three, the three-legged dog, MacMullen, the not-really-so-fearsome swamp turtle, and the dragons Susannah, Splash, Sky Dancer, and many others. In each of his adventures, Stick encounters a series of dangerous physical and other types of challenges to which he must respond and make decisions about what moral course of action he will choose to overcome those challenges.He can choose to be kind and compassionate, or he can choose an alternative course. He can choose to come to the aid of others in distress, or he can ignore their troubles and think only of himself. He can choose to ignore bullying behavior when he encounters it, or he can choose to take a clear moral stand against that kind of conduct. He can choose to join with others in rejecting strangers who are in some way different, or he can choose to welcome them, share his resources with them, and work to convince others to accept the strangers as well. He can choose to face his fears, or he can choose to run and hide.Each volume in the three-volume series of illustrated Stick stories consists of five epic adventures. This is Volume One. Each story or adventure is 3000 words in length, making it rather substantial for a single sitting. However, each story has been further divided into 1000-word thirds, the beginnings of which are marked by bold, oversize capital letters, with summaries of the preceding material at the beginnings of the second and third thirds. This provides the opportunities for complete 3000-word (from the beginning), 2000-word (from the second oversize, bold capital letter), and 1000-word (from the third oversize, bold capital letter) versions of the same story. If the stories are appealing for a particular purpose, such as a children’s story in a library or during a church service, but the time available is limited, choose the 2000-word or the 1000-word version. Each 1000-word segment of the story requires five to six minutes to read aloud, making the reading of the entire story a twenty to twenty-five minute proposition.All you have to do is find the oversize first letter in the narrative and begin reading from that point. The 3000-word version is a complete story with all of the details and background information and issues of moral conflict. The shorter versions also contain the moral conflicts, but with proportionally less background and detail. Simply choose the version that suits your purpose.


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