Playing House: A Black Widow Novel Christa Simpson Author
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IF I CAN'T BE HAPPY, NO ONE CAN.I’m a dangerous woman. I have nothing left to lose. There’s a reason they call me the Black Widow. My boyfriend died trying to kill me. My husband died trying to save my life.Consumed by an urge to bring revenge so passionately, darkness has officially devoured my soul. A master of persuasion, I trick and tease, reducing a grown man to trembling knees to make him see what it’s like to be me. He’ll learn the hard way, as you will, that my sweet revenge only feeds the dark thrill of causing others pain.Lying. Cheating. Stealing. It’s what I do. You think you know me? You don’t, and neither does the man whose life mustn’t be worth living anymore. Our relationship is like an explosion set to detonate on my command. He thinks he knows me. His mistake. He thinks he’s different. He doesn’t believe I’m cursed. I’ll make him believe.Lives will end, minds will be blown, and one thing is for certain... the Black Widow will strike again.


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