STANDUP to the Financial Services Industry: Protecting Yourself From Well-Intended But Oblivious Advisors John De Goey Author
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Canadian investors are at risk and they don’t even know it. Their well-intended advisors often give poor advice based on traditional approaches that are demonstrably wrong. The fundamental problem is advisor bias, and no one talks about it because virtually everyone is oblivious to it—including advisors themselves. In STANDUP to the Financial Services Industry, bestselling author and award-winning advisor John De Goey arms investors with the tools they need to hold advisors accountable and to navigate an industry that has refused to adapt to a changing financial landscape.In this concise and accessible guide, John De Goey:· Explains how we’ve gotten to our current state, with misguided advisors providing harmful advice to investors;· Identifies the key problems that are not being addressed proactively within the financial services industry; and most importantly· Helps readers solve these problems in order to make better investment decisions.STANDUP empowers Canadian investors to demand accountability from an industry that has refused to acknowledge its own shortcomings—and helps them invest wisely and successfully.


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