Coronavirus Reality Check The Magic Bullet Charles Harwood Author
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Blocked by Amazon, I'm so thankful to publish my book with Barnes & Noble. Not sure why it was blocked because all I want to do is tell you that FEAR is your biggest enemy, not the Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) or Covid-19. It's not the first virus, it's not the worst and it won't be the last. This book lets you know there is a Magic Bullet and it can protect you from this current virus and most any other harmful virus. I will teach you how to best get along with this and every disease you meet; to help you to stop the fear. You can be ready, before the vaccine, to deal with this current threat. Ive been teaching how to achieve optimal health for over 30 years and I'm an example of what I teach. At nearly 70, I can keep up with men half my age with no need for medications and am rarely, if ever, sick. This book is easy to read and understand so you will quickly have the answers you need be healthy and safe. Fear will only produce things in your body you don't want and shut down your immune system; I will explain how that happens and how to avoid it. STOP the fear NOW, let's play offense and stop just playing defense.


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