I Am In Control Dr. Shacara Thompson Curry Author
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Do you desire to live your life to your greatest potential? Do you get in your own way because of fear of the unknown? I Am in Control is a book full of tools that I have used to overcome my struggles of self-doubt and self-worth. I realized that God's Word outlined everything I needed to understand the power I have within me, and I want you to understand that you pose that same power. We are people that are already equipped to do the things necessary to fulfill our purpose, yet so many of us do not live to see our greatest potential. Why? Because we doubt God. By doubting ourselves, we are doubting God's work. He tells us many times that we are already equipped. From birth, we were created with a plan. Our lives are not an accident but on purpose. We are not here to just exist. We are here to encourage. We are here to love. We are here to be evidence of God's existence. We are here to impact lives. We are here to do the work that God has assigned us to. I know that we don't always know what that work is initially. God has created us already equipped with a plan, so lean on those instincts that are within you, those gut pulls, those heavy desires on your heart, those visions that are constantly running in your head, those urges to do something amazing. Run with all of that. God has placed it in you. You must believe. You must act on those urges. You must move on those thoughts. You must have faith that God got you. You must know that you are equipped. You have to know that God makes no mistakes. You have to make the choice that you will walk in the promises that God has created for you. Through this book, I share my journey to this realization. I equip you with the tools I used to overcome myself. I pray that this helps you on your journey to living your best life.


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