Millenium Knights Book One: Fall of the Djinnbreaker D.R. Dorsey Author
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At what point do you stop feeling when you're incinerated? That's not what is on the minds of most 9 year old's, however young Raiden was not in the position of you or me at that age. Why? You ask. Well for one thing he had ears that made the term sharp hearing way too literal and for another he had just watched his parent's caravan be engulfed in flames...Raiden and Ginx have always been troublemakers but when Raiden defends a dying man in golden armor, he is thrust into a world of Djinns and Dragons. Now wearing the golden armor himself, he meets an exiled young princess with extraordinary powers of the Slighted and finds himself on a journey to exact revenge on the man responsible for his parent's murder. Along the way, they are opposed at seemingly every turn by the villainous Emerald who also wields Slighted energy and Lord Pennasus father to Ginx and wielder of the Djinnbreaker. Fortunately, they aren't alone in their journey and find many allies some with deeper connections than they think...If you enjoy action, Egyptian-inspired fantasy, adventure and steampunk science fiction this could be the new series for you! If you like the sound of an interesting take on a Cinderella tale, then you may have just found the series for you! Debut novel of author D.R.Dorsey, I hope you enjoy MILLENIUM KNIGHTS


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