Kobe Bryant's Sneaker History (1996-2020) Pat Benson Author
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Pat Benson has covered the NBA and sneakers for years, including writing for Forbes.com. While grieving from the loss of his hero and quarantining during a pandemic, Benson dedicated countless hours documenting anything that had to with what Kobe Bryant wore on his feet.In Kobe Bryant's Sneaker History (1996-2020), everything from the technology to the marketing campaigns is examined and woven into the story of Bryant's incredible career. In this book, journalists, friends, trainers, and staff members give detailed accounts that paint a vivid picture of an athlete and businessman obsessed with performance footwear. Whether searching for obscure information that has been lost in time or taking a nostalgic trip down memory lane, this is the definitive historical account of Bryant's one-of-a-kind sneaker career.


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