Dad's Guide. How to Produce a Paperback Book using Adobe InDesign: Learn how to create book covers, book spine, and the main body Patrick Carter Autho
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This concise and easy-to-read guide covers how to create your paperback book covers and spine using Adobe InDesign, and how to use Adobe InDesign to produce a professional-looking main body. This 48-year-old retired business consultant shares his experience from using Adobe InDesign to publish his first paperback on Amazon, achieving it all professionally in just 8 weeks. With your investment of time and effort, you can produce a full paperback book, professionally at low cost, from home, with no third-party support. This guide shows you how.Dad's Guide ... a no-nonsense, plain-English, UK guide full of real-life examples - it's designed to be easy to read, easy to follow, and easy to understand.Tags: Adobe, Adobe InDesign, paperback books, how to publish a book, how to produce a book, how to create a book, how to create a book cover, how to write a book, self-publishing, publishing on Amazon, publishing a book on Amazon, book covers, paperback book covers, hardback book covers, book spine, paperback book spine, hardback book spine.


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