PRAYING God's Word of Protection Against Racism and Injustice: Fervent Prayers Over Your Family Against Racial Violence Iwalola Ademodi Oshinowo Autho
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There is a racial divide going on in our society, without a solution in sight. Do you ever watch the news and feel overwhelmed? Do you wish you could do something to bridge the gap but have no clue where to start? As a person of color or a parent to a child of color, are you concerned for the lives of your family members? Do you wish there is a way to protect your child(ren) from police brutality? Author Iwalola Oshinowo (aka Lola) was infused with the passion to pray fervently against police brutality on black people after watching a black man, George Floyd, get killed under the knees of a police officer in Minneapolis, Minnesota on May 25 2020.Lola has experienced racism firsthand, but she did not stay helpless. She stood up and answered the call to pray. She's Praying God's Word of Protection Against Racism and Injustice and you are invited to join her in pages of this book. Providing an antidote from a Christian Perspective. Lola encourages Readers to cry out to God in prayers against racism and injustice and for deliverance of nations from systemic racism. Readers who do not have a relationship with Jesus Christ will be introduced to the loving heart of God through the pages. There is also an opportunity to be reconciled to Him before engaging in fervent prayers.This book will help you* Get an understanding of what racism is and the injustice it causes. * Know the heart of God regarding racism and injustice * Pray the Word of God for protection over your family and household. * Pray God's Word against violence and oppression. * Parents of all races to pray fervent prayers over their children from head to toe. * Pray against police brutality on your children and household * Parents can cover their children with prayers of protection for the day.* Plus, Praying God's Word of Protection Against Racism and Injustice.* Provides ample scriptures which can be used as prayer Starters or can be used in Bible Study on racism and Injustice. * Know how community of people experiencing oppression should cry out to God for deliverance, just as the children of Israel did in the Bible.GET YOUR COPY AND JOIN IN PRAYING AGAINST RACISM AND INJUSTICE!


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