Horrendous Healing: A Journey through Grief to Forgiveness - A True Story Jack Brant Jr. Author
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Jack Brant Jr. has excelled in the publishing world for over twenty years, but God was tugging on his heart to write about the personal tragedy that took place twenty-five years ago. It was then that he had to go through the disappearance and murder of his father. Jack's journey eventually brought him to a place where God wanted him to reach out and forgive the man who murdered his dad. His story will captivate you with its honesty and candidness. God has given Jack strong writing skills that have been developed over the last twenty years. His story is a fantastic read that contains suspense, drama, and the ultimate desire to bring glory to God. His relationship with God is evident, and the glimpses he exposes are fascinating. This book is a true story and has many interesting twists and turns that took place throughout the years. He has had a gauntlet of grief emotions to confront and process, and they become evident throughout his retelling of the story.


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