The Dom and Her Nicole Fox Author
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The Dom and Her is book 3 and the finale of the Broken Spires MC trilogy!I HAD A TASTE OF HER. NOW, I'M COMING FOR THE REST.One more heist, and then I'll be done with this life for good.In and out. I'd done it a million times. This will be no different.At least, that's what I thought...Then Erica showed up.She was too delicious to pass up.A pretty city girl in a world far removed from the one she knows.In other words, easy prey.Down here, we do things different.When a man like me wants a woman like her, he doesn't stop to ask questions.He just takes.And takes.And takes.Until his hunger is sated.And that's exactly what I did.The stupid girl was about to get stabbed, but I had a different kind of penetration in mind.I scooped her up, threw her across my bike, and took her home.The rest was bare flesh and broken moans.I wish it had ended there.But you can't always get what you want.And this little angel is trying her damndest to drag me back into the underworld I'm desperately trying to escape.Cut it out, princess.You don't give the orders around here – I do.Now get on your knees.I'm not going to ask twice.


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