The Curse of the Flower: The Legend of Anacaona Isadora Ortega Author
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The Tainos were an Arawak people, who were the indigenous people of the Caribbean. The Tainos were my people. My name is Anacaona from the Taino language, Anacaona meaning 'Golden Flower.' Ana meaning flower and Caona meaning golden. I am one of the first women to lead my tribe. I am a Cacica (chief). We are a gentle culture, happy, friendly, peaceful, and maybe that was our downfall. In 1492 everything changed, the Conquistadores, AKA colonizers, settled on our land. From their point of view, they discovered our land. We came in peace, and we offered the Conquistadores everything that we had. We thought they were our friends; at least that's what they made us believe. They always wanted more and more, including our people. They were never satisfied.Señor De Ovando, the leader of the Conquistadores, was enslaving my people and shipping them in boats to Spain. Painfully speaking, this was not enough because he wanted more, he wanted ME.This is the night my eyes engulfed with flames of fury and the night that everything was set into motion so I can visit your world...time is an interesting thing, sometimes it heals you and sometimes allows your rage to grow. My legacy will not be silenced. My legacy will impact your world.


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