The Love of God Poured Out: Grace and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit in St. Thomas Aquinas John Meinert Author
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What is the relationship between the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the action of grace? John Meinert's The Love of God Poured Out enters into the major positions and debates within Thomism to forge a new synthesis on this topic within the greater body of scholarship existing today. Meinert reads Aquinas's thought on the gifts of the Holy Spirit and grace in an integral and analogous way. Not only does The Love of God Poured Out aid scholars in understanding Aquinas's thought on these two issues, it also once more clarifies the truth that the Holy Spirit and his gifts are neither a devout appendix to moral theology nor a pious nod to tradition. They are the heart and height of the moral life, a life lived subditus Deo.


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