Charon's Vengeance Timothy A. Ray Author
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Kyle Ragnoli works for a store setup crew and is in Chicago setting up a West Marine when the zombie apocalypse begins. Missing home, not looking forward to the next month and a half on the road away from his family, he steps out for a cigarette before heading to work and the world changes with the blink of an eye. His coworker, bloodied, his throat ripped out, is somehow still walking around and when Kyle draws the undead creature's attention, charges and tries to tear the flesh from his body, a hunger driving the raging lunatic forward beyond all limits of human endurance. Fleeing from Chicago for his life, he frantically tries to convince his wife of the danger surrounding them and begs her to head to Show Low, Arizona with the kids, that he will meet them there. On the plane heading west, he can only pray that she listened to him, that his family will not be murdered by the hordes of undead rising across the nation, and hopes with all his soul that he can reach them in time.


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