The Jimi Hendrix Story John Faralaco Author
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Jimi Hendrix was probably the greatest rock guitarist of his era, and perhaps of all time. He was endowed with an awesome splendor, burning with wild radiance, the enlightener of daily life in the Sixties. He was unique. When Jimi struck the first crisp notes of Purple Haze and the audience shrieked, they became one with the spirit of the moment, at one with Jimi Hendrix. With bursting earnestness, with a fierce, savage sincerity, articulating that heaven and that hell, he was the natural voice of humanity and the heart of a wild son of nature. Jimi's paradise was sensual, his hell sensual. In the one and the other there was that which shocks all the spiritual feeling in us. Jimi Hendrix was one of the signature rockers of the Sixties, electrifying audiences from San Francisco's Fillmore Auditorium to Woodstock. His life, often triumphant and often tragic, is chronicled in a detailed, passionate way by author John Faralaco. He not only tells of Hendrix's life, but places that life solidly in the context of the Sixties music scene. In The Jimi Hendrix Story, Faralaco builds upon his earlier Hendrix biography, expanding it to include an overview of the performer's legacy and of the final days of the other members of his band. He has updated the Hendrix discography to the present day, providing a valuable resource for fans and rock historians alike.


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