Complete Science Fantasy- Green Odyssey They Twinkled Like Jewels Rastignac the Devil Philip José Farmer Author
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Philip José Farmer was an American author, principally known for his award-winning science fiction and fantasy novels and short stories.ContentsThe Green OdysseyThey Twinkled Like JewelsRastignac the DevilRastignac the Devil-Here is high fidelity fiction at Philip José Farmer's story-telling best. It's a vibrant, distractingly different tale of three centuries into the future. And as you read you'll have a vague, uneasy feeling that it's all taking place somewhere in the unexplored parts of the universe, even today.They Twinkled Like Jewels-Crane didn't get the nice man's name—until it was far too late to do anything at all about it.The Green Odyssey-A well structured and imaginative book. Alan Green is an astronaut trapped on a planet where superstition holds the masses. Two years after crashing on the unknown planet he hears a rumour of other astronauts and sees an opportunity to escape. However, superstition has demonised science on the planet. The travellers from space are condemned as demons and Green has to keep his own history and his plans secret from those around him. The story chronicles his journey to the distant city where his hopes of escape lie. Within that is the constant clash of the people around him and an imaginitive menagerie of cultures. Well worth reading.


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