Killing Colombia James Cardenas Author
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It's 1980 and Captain Jack Hunter, an operative for the U.S. government, must form a new team when ordered to the most dangerous region in the western hemisphere, the Amazon jungle. His new team, a woman, a black, and a Mexican, all specialists in black ops or undercover work, must go to Leticia, the southern tip of Colombia, to begin a dangerous journey to find Jacobo Arenas, leader of the FARC, the largest terrorist group in the Americas. They must find Arenas and discover why the Colombian government has lost contact with the rebel leader ten days before the Colombian presidential election. The government of Colombia has been fighting the FARC for fifty years. The bloody conflict has finally reached a stalemate and the President of Colombia proposes a truce with the FARC. Progress on the truce suddenly vanishes right before the Presidential election. Jacobo Arenas stops all communications with the government with the presidential election just ten days away. The incumbent president is facing an unprecedented challenge for office. He loses ground to a candidate supported by Pablo Escobar, who is pouring millions into the election to steal the presidency and pave the way for complete control of the Colombian government. If a truce with the FARC is achieved before the election, the President of Colombia can seal his victory and continue with peace talks with the narcoterrorists that are destroying the heart and soul of the country.With the election hanging in the balance of this pivotal race, Jack Hunter and his team must find Arenas in the Amazon jungle and find the leader of the FARC to secure a truce and get peace talks back on track. The team takes a treacherous journey through the Amazon jungle, finds Arenas, but discovers their mission may be impossible. They must decide whether to kill Arenas and replace him with one of his officers or change tactics and risk their lives to help Arenas.Jack Hunter and his team encounter unexpected dangers and deceit, greatly complicating the mission. While fighting rival narcoterrorists and cartels at the same time, Jack leaves half his team in a jungle camp with the FARC leader to assassinate Arenas if he fails. With the election looming, Jack confronts the Sinaloa cartel, while fighting an unexpected foe all the way to the U.S. border.


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