Love Embers: Poems and Remembrances L. Jerry Bernhardt Author
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LOVE EMBERS Unrepeatable miracles—moments in time—captured as a memory..... Memories, triggered by the fragrance of a rose, a lingering whiff of perfume, the musk of a lover's shirt; the touch of an infant's blanket, grandpa's corduroy coat, or grandma's silk scarf lying forgotten in a treasured chest; a love song; the sight of a firefly weaving through the woods, a butterfly gliding over a field of bluebonnets, a tangerine sky at sunset, a rusty pick-up truck, old photographs, locket of hair... all unrepeatable miracles, LOVE EMBERS, tucked away under protective ash, hidden within our souls, awaiting the opportunity to roll out and rekindle remembrances that wash over us reviving moments in time. Remembrances of love's first kiss, baby's gentle breath, summers long's tragedies and triumphs—all lie waiting for the winds of a dream to fan the flames tall. This collection is at once an ode to the natural world and the beauty and support of family and friends, a life-long observation of time's passage, and a testament to the power of love until death do us part. Bernhardt's belief that love is eternal takes us on an emotional rollercoaster of life.


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