Misplaced Mara Gan Author
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I know I had a good life before. If only I could remember it.I couldn't sew, I couldn't fish, I couldn't hunt, I couldn't cook, for goodness' sake I couldn't even tell the hallucinogenic mushrooms from the non-hallucinogenic ones. The list of Things I Couldn't Do was uncomfortably long.There was, however, one pretty big thing I could do: I could heal people with just a touch of my hands.I didn't understand it, nor did I know why or how I came by this ability, because here was the other thing: I had no memory.Nada. Nil. Zero. I had simply awoken on a beach, about two months ago, with my name rolling around my head, but that was it. My name was all I knew. Just my name.Meda.


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