Hacking: Ultimate beginners guide to computer hacking: Wireless hacking, Linux, Penetration testing, security Alwin Wells Author
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Well, if this is your reason for wanting to become a hacker then I am sad to tell you the real world of a hacker isn't like this. In fact, pretty much everything that you see in these movies is pure Hollywood and shouldn't be believed.The world of a hacker is not really as glorious and exciting as it is portrayed on television and in movies. The world and life of a hacker is a long and hard one, sitting in front of a computer screen trying to figure out problems.There is another group of people however known as Crackers. These crackers are the group of individuals who go and do all of the malicious breaking into systems and causing havoc. Since the term Hackers was the term that stuck everyone that performs the actions that we will go over in this book are considered to be a hacker.Topics previewChapter Two – White Hat HackingThe White Hat HackerWhite Hat Hacking #1 – Find Problems and solve themWhite Hat Hacking #2 – Do no harmWhite Hat Hacking #3 – Learn to programWhite Hat #4 – Share EverythingWhite Hat #5 – Work towards automationWhite Hat #6 – Have a positive attitudeWhite Hat #7 – Continue your educationWhite Hat #8 – Visit DEFCONWhite Hat #9 – Become a Penetration TesterWhite Hat #10 – Learn hardware as well as softwareChapter Three –Black Hat HackingDifferent Levels of Black Hat HackingBlack Hat #1 – Identity TheftBlack Hat #2 – Acquire DataBlack Hat #3 – ImpersonationBlack Hat #4 – Attack Large TargetsWho will be a good hacker?If you are looking to become a hacker we first need to decide if you have what it takes to be a hacker. First of all you need to be willing to put in the long hard work. When we actually get into hacking we will quickly discover that we will be staring at a computer screen for hours upon hours at a time.


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